I’m back in the USA! Feels good to be home but I sure am missing Singapore when it comes to the subway. NYC has never been known for it’s cleanliness.  After six months living and working abroad I do feel accomplished. Two classes graduated, five meet-ups hosted, and dozens of new contacts. Shout out to my friends at Foolproof! In particular I am proud to see one batch of students from the first class start their own UX agency. While helping them through formation they began courting government contracts and approaching service design work.  It’s hard but their enthusiasm is driving them–so inspiring! 😭 I’ve been working on some more ideas around games and how to work in interaction designs from some older projects. I was so eager in 2010 to make fun gestural interactions that never really made much sense for a V1 news app. Now though some of them are finding new life in the context of mobile games. I’m evaluating each game through their mechanics, themes, and goals to think more critically about what area needs more refining in design. My last bit of travel in south east Asia was a huge success, with Sri Lanka making the biggest impression. The train travel between cities (Kandy, Ella, Galle, and Colombo) is scenic in the sun or rain. The train is slow enough to sit at the door with your feet dangling over tracks passing below. It can’t be said enough how sweet the people are either. At one station within 30 minutes of asking someone for the time we’d become Facebook friends and started trading snacks for the trip ahead.  I'll have a post coming up soon on Medium that details how to run some UX workshops. Its modeled off the meet-ups I ran in Singapore so look forward to that! June will be filled with more travel, but this time in the states. Stay tuned for some possible big announcements ☺️ LukeJune 2016